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We clean man-made tiles; ceramic, porcelain and glass.  We do not seal grout at this time.

Our cleaning process is designed to remove oils, soils, soot and caked on grease from tile and grout floors. The detergent we use contains deodorizing agents that leave a clean fresh evergreen scent.

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We perform an pre-inspection for any loose tiles and damaged grout and take precautions so we don't further any damage.  The floor is pretreated with detergent, the grout lines are then scrubbed and the detergent and soil is flushed away and vacuumed up with our specialized tool.  After cleaning we set up fans to help accelerate drying.

Tile and Grout: Features


Cleaning tile & grout floors yourself is labor intensive and cleaning the tile & grout in your shower enclosure is even worse.  Our tools are specifically designed to handle the detail work that your shower enclosure requires.

Modern Shower
Tile and Grout: Features
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